The last full league of the year has completed despite struggling to complete all games due to the school holidays. Thanks to all who participated and the captains who made it run smoothly.

  • Team Beryllium won the team league with a better points differential over Palladium, who also won six matches.
  • Nick Ward won the overall Player league followed by Rod Askin and Andrew Bull.
  • The Divisions went to Rod Askin (Div 01 - runner up Keith Murray), Damian Lipinski (Div 02 - runner up Jon Gass), Neal Kaler (Div 03 - runner up Martha Toghill), Andrew Bull (Div 04 - runner up Garry Derrick) and Nick Ward (Div 05 - runner up Joel Galloway).

Full results here.

This wasn't the last tournament of the year however as there will be a multi sport T20 on November the 5th. It will include squash, table tennis and darts and a barbarque/fireworks to finish up.

You can register here.

And of course, everyone's welcome to the barbeque even if you can't make the tournament.

Winter League 2017 has come to an end with the following results.

  • Top Team was Odin with 6 out of 7 matches - runner up was Loki winning 5 matches  
  • Top Individual was Bruce Steenson with 316 points without dropping a game.  Runner up was Jordan Byrne with 395 points, 7 matches and only dropping 7 games.
  • Division winners and runners up were:


  Division 01 Division 02 Division 03 Division 04 Division 05
Place Player Matches Won Player Matches Won Player Matches Won Player Matches Won Player Matches Won
1st Dan Goodall (Váli) 6 Jordon Byrne (Loki) 7 James Kingscote (Tyr) 5 Bruce Steenson (Ēostre) 7 Pete Spencer-Bower (Thor) 6
2nd Pablo Soriano (Loki) 6 Jon Gass (Ēostre) 6 Gillian Stuart (Odin) 4 Paul Johnson (Odin) 5 Michael Noone (Tyr) 5




The Wanaka Squash Club is having open nights from the 10th of April on Monday and Tuesday from 18:00-19:00 until the end of the month. Come on down and give it a go if you'd like to try it or get back into it for 2017. You should wear non-marking shoes and bring a racket if you have one. Otherwise the club can provide. It's free and family friendly. The bar will be open for when you work up a thirst

Last year we were fortunate to have Nick Mita come to Wanaka to provide some one on one and group coaching sessions, and a number of members took advantage of this and found it very useful.

Nick is coming to Wanaka again on Monday May 1st.  Private lessons $50 for 45 minutes. Group lessons $30 each for two people for one hour, $20 each for three people for one hour. This is very good value and you will get a lot out of it whether you're a beginner or an expert. A session with Nick will get your season humming and you will enjoy your squash even more than ever.

Please text Hannah if you are interested. 0273237010  Please state your preferred time of day and number in your group (or one on one)

  • Entry Fee: $30.00 - Includes platters Saturday night (To be paid before you play 1st game)
  • EFTPOS Available
  • Locals may be required to play Thursday night.
  • Mark and ref the game immediately after your own.
  • PAR (point-a-rally) scoring.
  • Mixed grades may apply depending on entries
  • apart from the Men’s & Women’s ‘A’ Grade.
  • Divisions of 8 (3 games max).