The squashiness kicks off tomorrow with our first league of the year, the Summer League 2018.  Mondays for 3 weeks.  

The first league of the year is kicking off next week.  

Starts Monday Feb 12th

  • PAR Score to 15
  • Best of Five Games 
  • Points NOT registered with Squash NZ

Questions contact Pip or Paul
027 4331 580 or 021 036 5651


just a quick update on the T20 multisport event held last Sunday (5th). A really fun family day playing squash, table tennis and darts. Greg Paul won the Division 1 squash league - Neal Kaler was the runner up. Jeff Limmer won Division 2 . Jeff also won the overall mult-sports title.

Thanks to Pip for sorting out the food and Hamish as the tournament controller.

We didn't get to the fireworks as we finished around 06:00 but we are planning another T20 at Matariki next year, so if you have any fireworks left, hang on to them until then.


Wanaka Squash Club Committee.

Come down and watch the finalists battle it out. If you want to stay for a meal it's $5. Trophies to be handed out at the end.

Good luck to all and hope to see you there.

Men's A - Dan Goodall v Joe Baker

Women's A - Steph Chambers v Hannah Chisholm

Junior's A - Sam Jewel v Oscar Crowe

Men's B - Lachie Anderson v 

Men's C - Neal Kaler v James Kingscote

Men's D - Pete Spencer Bower v  Ian Greaves 

The last full league of the year has completed despite struggling to complete all games due to the school holidays. Thanks to all who participated and the captains who made it run smoothly.

  • Team Beryllium won the team league with a better points differential over Palladium, who also won six matches.
  • Nick Ward won the overall Player league followed by Rod Askin and Andrew Bull.
  • The Divisions went to Rod Askin (Div 01 - runner up Keith Murray), Damian Lipinski (Div 02 - runner up Jon Gass), Neal Kaler (Div 03 - runner up Martha Toghill), Andrew Bull (Div 04 - runner up Garry Derrick) and Nick Ward (Div 05 - runner up Joel Galloway).

Full results here.

This wasn't the last tournament of the year however as there will be a multi sport T20 on November the 5th. It will include squash, table tennis and darts and a barbarque/fireworks to finish up.

You can register here.

And of course, everyone's welcome to the barbeque even if you can't make the tournament.